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Driving (Sept. 2007)

Keep Your Hands on the Wheel
By John R. Quain
A little speakerphone is a big help

Motorola Speakerphone

No matter what your opinion is about the dangers of driving while using a cellular handset, one fact is undeniable: You can be fined if you do it. In New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, fines range from $100 to $250.

There are plenty of hands-free options available, especially for phones with wireless Bluetooth, of course. Wireless earpieces, however, can be awkward to use in a car, making it difficult to listen to the radio, for example. And many car kits require professional installation, which can cost more than $100.

An easier solution is to use a portable Bluetooth speaker phone. One of the best we've tested so far is Motorola’s T305 ($80), which is slightly bigger than a Fig Newton. It clips onto a visor and comes with a cigarette lighter adapter to recharge its battery.

Despite its diminutive size, the T305 delivered plenty of volume to overcome the cacophony of heavy traffic. To place a call, you simply push a large flashing button, making it easy to operate without taking your eyes off the road. Furthermore, if your phone or cell service supports voice dialing, you can dial simply by saying the person’s name. The T305 confirms your choice by repeating the name before placing the call.

While it's not chock full of cutting-edge technology or as sexy as the latest MP3 player, the T305 is useful, inexpensive, and works like a charm. And it could save you from an expensive ticket.

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