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Top 10 Reasons Not to Line Up for an iPhone By John R. Quain.

10.  It can’t make video calls, AT&T’s latest cool offering.

9.  It won’t connect with corporate e-mail networks. (So you’ll still have to carry your Blackberry.)

8.  It doesn’t have enough storage space. (8 GB maximum for music, videos, photos? We don’t think that’ll do it, and there’s no memory slot for expansion).

7. Slow-speed cellular data connection means it won’t pull up Web pages like it does in the deceptive Apple TV ads.

6. Don’t you remember the Newton?

5. First year total cost of ownership:  $1,500 (phone plus AT&T contract).

4.  Geez, it’s not as if it's the last Star Wars movie or anything.

3.  Sticky fingers and greasy faces and something called sunlight, which makes dialing outside on a nice day, er, shall we say challenging? (Okay, so I snuck three reasons into one item.)

2. A glass screen? Have you ever dealt with Apple’s warranty police?

1. Never, ever buy version 1.0 of anything.

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